Cheap Solar Pannel
I created this solar panel in 2017. It was quite an interesting build and I learned a lot threw the process. It did, in fact, work. It was able to recharge the 3 AAA batteries used for my paper fidget spinner as well as other creations. The only reason why its rating is average is because it didn't take much skill. Truthfully, all I did was wire three small solar panels, extracted from solar garden lights bought at the dollar tree in parallel to charge the AAA three times faster than it would have normally been charged. I did also use diodes in this project as, while I was researching, I discovered that solar panels can absorb electricity. So basically, while the panels would charge the batteries while the sun was out and energy was being supplied, if the sun went away the batter would then pour the energy it gained back into the panels. Thus the use of a diode. This acted like a one way gate and ensured that what went into the batter stayed in the battery. I did try to wire the panels in series, expecting to increase their voltage, but due to the same fact that panels can absorb energy a well as give it this didn't work. I was only able to gain the amount of voltage one panel would produce despite the fact I had nine wired up. That is why I ended up wiring the panels in series. In series the energy could not be consumed by the other solar panels because the positive and negative terminals of each solar panel only touched terminals of their same kind. You can see how to make this creation by visiting my instructables page located in the more section of the head bar.
LED Fidget Spinner
This fidget spinner is the very peek of my fidget spinner making carrier. About when I made it was the time when they were out of style in most places but i just loved the Idea so much I had to make one more awesome one! I really wanted to make this last one by 3D printing but I could not find a 3D PRINTER FOR THE LIFE OF ME! It was really annoying so I resorted to paper. This creation is made out of 50 or so layers of cardstock cut by a silhouette. It holds three rechargeable AAA battery (which just so happen to be rechargeable by solar panel). It was really hard to get the three batteries to fit in the fidget spinner and still be spinnable without hitting your hand. Thus the less than extraordinary design. However it did work so it's worth it. The circuitry consists of 3 AAA batteries in series and 2 LEDs separated by a 220 ohm resistor to keep them from burning out. Thinking back I would have used brighter LEDs than red and yellow but that was all I had at the time. Anyway this by far the best fidget spinner I made.
I'm Not a robot Instructable robot
I'm not a Robot! he says. Well he's wrong. This Instructable threamed robot was inspired but the robot with the audacity to click the I'm not a robot button. In fact this instructables robot even started in a movie where he did just that. This robot is 100% pointless. Its sole function is to look good and move its right arm up and down. The circurty consists of a servo pulled from a broken remote control car and then wired threw two buttons, each having a different polarity (thus making one button move the robots arm up and the other move the arm down) the robot was then directly wired to a usb which could be plugged into an outlet (threw a 5 volt converter of corse) and power his fantastic arm. If you want to know more or see the video you can find it on my instructables page.
duck tape d spider man mask
I actually really like this creation. Made almost entirely of duct tape this dark spiderman mask was fun to create. The Idea came to me after discovering an empty coffee bag from my mom's coffee addiction. When far away this bag was reflective yet when pressed close to your eye it was transparent, a one way mirror so to speak so I decided I had to use it for something. I happen to have a remnant of silver duct tape and an entire roll of black duck tape so the dark spiderman mask was born. While you could see well there was serous ventilation problem with this mask. If I were to make it again nose holes would be a definite! Anyway this was a great creation!
Paper Fidget spinner
This was my first paper fidget spinner made using the Silhouette. It looked pretty good if I do say so myself but frankly failed as a fidget spinner. Being made of paper it lacked the weight for a good spin and it was hard to grip the center of the bering. O well, it was a pioneer and I guess you don't succeed first try all the time.
LED Fidget Spinner